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Delivery of last batch of harnesses for AC101 CG2

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date: 2016-08-08
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SAIFEI started AC101 CG2 engineering data release as well as its production implementation since the end of 2015. After several months of production, the 28th batch (the last batch) with 7 harnesses included was delivered on the 29th. July, which signified that SAIFEI had completed the delivery of harnesses for AC101.

Scenes of the busy workshop are still before eyes. In that morning, the remaining 7 harnesses were pending for several issues, 5 coaxial harnesses in production lines, and the process issues would link to the modification of related delivery documents, which became the roadblock. However, as people said, the essence of Marathon is its last 10 kilometers, the most affecting moments of SAIFEI harness manufacturing also boost its last batch delivery for AC101 CG2.
These 7 harnesses were involving 8 potential unfinished items. For the unfinished items, from the pre-coordination, the submitting for approval, to getting the approval from customer, Engineering, ISC and Program have worked together, with close communication to customer, to remove the technical obstacles for delivery. Meanwhile, the colleagues from ISC and Quality were trying their best for the final sprint. It has been found that how rigorous the operators were while racing against time, and E-test team and FI team have shown their sense of responsibility on testing and inspection…

We have not completed the manufacturing before 5 p.m. It has been decided that 23 colleagues from manufacturing, electrical test, final inspection, packaging & shipping, and all other related teams to stay for over-time. Although they might feel tired after whole day work, no one left early. They all stayed to the end, waiting all the process completed, to ensure that the issue could be reworked immediately. Finally, the colleagues of
packaging & shipping delivered the 7 harnesses to SAMC warehouse at 21 o’clock, and reached the intended CG2 harnesses delivery target.

It was the close cooperation between the teams that helped each process to be completed orderly and rapidly, and to secure the qualified products to customer.

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