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SAIFEI Union visited Zhuqiao Fire Squadron

date: 2020-08-05
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On July 30th, 2020, upon coming of Bayi Army Day, SAIFEI Union organized an activity to visit the Fire Squadron of Zhuqiao. BI Rong, Chairman of SAIFEI Union, LI Long Fei, HR manager, HOU Liang, ISC Deputy Manager, and relevant SAIFEI Colleagues went to Zhuqiao Fire Squadron to express their greeting to all firefighters with their deep and sincere gratitude to all firefighters.

This is a traditional co-construction activity SAIFEI Union has been taken for several years. Zhuqiao Fire Squadron, as our neighbors, have a group of the most lovely people, firefighters, serving people with full of loyalty. To have People stay in peace and safe, they always rush into fire and danger. On behalf of all SAIFEI Staff, SAIFEI Union brought the most sincere greetings and respect to these lovely 'Countermarching People'.

The firefighters of Zhuqiao Fire Squadron also returned the thanks to our cares and support. Besides, the Commissar of Zhuqiao Fire Squadron, Mr. YANG, pointed out more opportunities of co-construction activities between SAIFEI and Zhuqiao Fire Squadron. For example, fire officers and firefighters also have the needs on the knowledge of aircraft structure, etc. As well as, SAIFEI may organize staff and /or staff’s family to visit the fire squadron to know about the fire-prevention knowledge, and enhance the awareness of fire - prevention. During the visit, the both sides had a cordial talk, regarding friendship and the common vision of building a safe and peaceful place.

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