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release time: 2021 - 01 - 19
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On January 19, 2021, the ERP-LN project implementation kick-off meeting was held in the Shengda Oriental Pearl meeting room. General manager DUBROEUCQ Olivier, deputy general manager Bi Rong, company ...
release time: 2021 - 01 - 19
On January 19, 2021, the ERP-LN project implementation kick-off meeting was held in the Shengda Oriental Pearl meeting room. General manager DUBROEUCQ Olivier, deputy general manager Bi Rong, company management and all key ERP users attended the kick-off meeting in Shengda and Zhuqiao respectively. At the kick-off meeting, the general manager proposed that the project should be under the premise of controlling costs, ensuring time and quality, and strictly complying with SOW implementation. The deputy general manager also put forward specific requirements to the supplier from the perspective o...
release time: 2021 - 01 - 13
On Jan 13, 2020, SAIFEI GM, Mr DUBROEUCQ delivered an important speech to all engineers in Shanda.First of all, Mr. DUBROEUCQ made best wishes to all to have a happy, bright and wealthy new year 2021. It was mentioned in the meeting that the entire aviation industry, including SAIFEI was hit by the epidemic in 2020, and the impact of this crisis may last beyond 2021. Despite these difficulties, many positive points also marked the year and SAIFEI did quite well and had several success. Due to strict prevention and control measures, SAIFEI's employees has zero impacted by the virus; On...
release time: 2020 - 03 - 31
Under the leadership from SAIFEI top management and communist party branch, in order to deal with the coronavirus epidemic and support the resuming employee management, ENG department needed 10 volunteers to test and record the employees’ body temperature every day.A lot of employees applied to be the volunteers, after selection totally 12 employees took part in this important and glorious task.From Feb 17th to March 20th, the key period for epidemic control, every volunteer on duty arrived at SHENDA office 15 minutes early to prepare related stuff, to test, retest and record each employee’s t...
release time: 2019 - 11 - 01
On October 14, 2019, SAIFEI has completed manufacturing and delivery of the sixth C919 single aisle aircraft.This achievement also means for SAIFEI the completion of Electrical Wiring Interconnection System (EWIS) deliveries for C919 development phase. SAIFEI has supported COMAC since 2011 on this program, and delivered the first EWIS system in 2016. SAIFEI is now welcoming new challenges with the serial production phase approaching.The whole EWIS is an assembly of more than 500 harnesses and more than 3400 connectors, interconnecting 44000 electrical extremities and totalizing ...
release time: 2019 - 08 - 01
On August 1st ,2019,  #C919 104 prototype test aircraft completed its first flight. The aircraft flew 85 minutes and landed safely back at Pudong airport in Shanghai. This 104 prototype test fight will essentially undertake flight test activities for avionics system, which is simultaneously a significant milestone for SAIFEI EWIS ( Electrical Wiring Integrated System) product. This is a new major milestone of the C919 program, paving the way to an acceleration of the flight test campaign. The 4th prototype of C919 Chinese narrow-body twinjet aircraft, embarks the 4th EWIS system...
release time: 2019 - 07 - 05
On the morning of July 5, 2019, Shanghai SAIFEI Aviation EWIS Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was honored to receive an expert delegation from the civil aviation electrical system at Zhuqiao factory.The delegation consisting of 42 people came from civil aviation organizations such as Civil Aviation Administration of Chian, European Airworthiness Administration, China-Europe Aviation Cooperation Project, Shanghai Aircraft Design Institute, China Civil Aviation University and other civil aviation organizations. The expert delegation came to SAIFEI to conduct an inspection and knowledge exchange. The exc...
publisher:SAIFEI PARTY Branch
release time: 2018 - 10 - 09
Sep 26th,2018, SAIFEI party branch secretary BI Rong was invited to attend a PARTY member theme activity called “Welcome China International Import Expo” .This activity was hold by ZHU QIAO town Party Committee.During this activity,Miss BI represented SAIFEI and got the flag of “alliance company”. In the part of forum among brand secretaries,Miss BI was invited to make a speech.Miss BI introduced basic information of SAIFEI and expressed SAIFEI’s determination to “Start from myself, contribute to CIIE” “As a main supplier of C919 aircraft program, SAIFEI will try best to attribute to...
release time: 2018 - 03 - 06
On February 20th , 2018, Mr. XIAO Huijiang, assistant of SAMC general manager,  and Mr. LIU Caizhi, Program manager of SAMC, etc. visited employees of SAIFEI who were doing overtime in Spring Festival. Accompanied by ISC department, they visited the wire preparation area, the warehouse, the harness manufacturing section, the electrical test group and the process & quality support area,  Mr. XIAO Huijiang kindly greeted those who were working during the traditional festival in China - Spring Festival. And reviewed the production preparation work and harness production scheduling o...
release time: 2018 - 02 - 16
On  Feb 2-3, 2018  , Shanghai SAIFEI Aviation EWIS Manufacturing Co., Ltd. held the annual event in Zhe Jiang Xi Tang ,a beautiful town with a long history.All the staff gathered together to enjoy delicious food and wine. During this period, everyone was actively involved in various performance activities. Of course, the most wonderful activity was of course the lucky draw.    Time flies, and the activity of 3 hours was successfully ended in everyone's laughter and laughter.
release time: 2017 - 12 - 14
On November 30th, 2017, SAIFEI Trade Union held successfully the 2017 SAIFEI Employee Skills Competition with the subject “Glorious labor, skilled staff and excellent enterprise”, which led by Zhuqiao Trade Union and with the great support of Industry Park Trade Union Confederation and SAIFEI management. Mrs. LIN Lin, SAIFEI Deputy General Manager made a passionate speech in the opening ceremony to encourage the participants to get award and be ready for the coming production confederation competition and announced the start of the competition. The opening ceremony was conducted by BAO Guangdo...
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